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  • Finally fixed the Releases page. The Real Audio files should work now again. Also the mp3 files on the Download page are back and working fine :-) More to come soon!


  • For all the information about our South East Asia Tour go here !


  • We are looking for European Distributors to help out with spreading the CBU "Die Stationen von Cluster Bomb Unit" LP. Any help is appreciated! Please get in touch with us, or directly with our label Tribal War Asia! Thanks for your help!
  • Also we allready talked to a bunch of people in South East Asia for a CBU Tour in 2002. I will make up a new section about this Tour on our website very soon! Stay patient! Itīs not totaly sorted out when we tour and where we will tour!


  • Iīve uploaded the first bunch of pictures. Click here and let me know what you think about it! I try to get pics together of all the years from 1988 (with FURIOUS RANKNESS) to present days. But that takes time...


  • Everybody is back on the map, and we start practising and making new songs this week! The split 7" with RAAGG delays a bit, but should be in the pressing plants in a couple of weeks. The rest of the Studio songs from earlier this year might be released as a Split CD in Malaysia. So you have to wait for a full lenght CBU EP until next year. We will record new songs by end of this year.
  • For our friends in Russia and East Europe we released a Tape on Sharapov Sound Systems from St. Petersburg. Nicely done with printed tapes and covers. Please check the Releases Page for details.
  • And as you guessed it, I havenīt updated the picture pages yet, but I got pretty close :-) Give me another couple of ...


  • As Kelly will be back in the states the next 4 weeks to go on Tour with his other Band SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, we will take a little break from business. I think we start writing new songs in September when everyone is back on the map!
  • And as our Punkmaster Kelly is never busy enough he joined two other Bands from Stuttgart on drums: the first one is Theoīs new Band ASS MONKEYS, and second one is THE MURDER DISCO EXPERIENCE. Catch him on road while you can!
  • While we are taking a break, I will try to update the website soon. Still got to work on the pictures site and upload some video and audio shit.


  • Just recieved a bunch of the CBU Discographys on CD which came from Malaysia. Nice done by Donotconsume. As we didnīt have the mastertapes from our early recordings, we had to take the songs directly off the vinyls, so donīt expect a perfect quality! The soundvolume also varies from time to time. Sorry about that, but I guess itīs still noisey Punk fucking Rock baby! At least that CD shouldnīt cost you too much (6$ ppd worldwide from the label directly). If you canīt get hold of our old stuff on vinyl, than give it a try. It contains:
    CBU Split Flexi (w/Resist), End the war now EP, Split EP (w/Disclose), Opfer EP, Fotografieren Verboten 10", Realität EP, Greetings from U.S.A. EP alltogether a running time of over 60 minutes of blistering Hardcore!


  • Just returned from the CBU Euroblast Tour which happened last week. The Tour went sort of okay. Nothing totaly special if you look on how many people we got on shows or how much we sold, but at least we met new friends had a brilliant weather, some nice days on the beach and Pizza every day. And with our Punk celebrity Kelly in the Band we made it in some places as to "from U.S.A." or even to "ex-Detestation". Now that whipes a couple of years in our history totaly out, hehehe!
  • As we didnīt sell all the Tour Shirts (as usual), there are some left over here at my place. So if thereīs anybody of you guys and girls want to have some nice black 2 sided shirts (we have M, L, XL), I sell them for the ridiculous price of 9 $ (Europe) and 12$ (worldwide) (that includes postage!) Just get in contact! If thereīs someone who wants to get more than 1, please ask first for lower prices! Hurry up baby!
    T-Shirt Front T-Shirt Back


  • FINALLY itīs here: CBU LP "Die Stationen von Cluster Bomb Unit"!!! Just in time for our small Euroblast Tour! Go to the Distro section to find out where to get it.


  • Yeah! Finally we got the mix for the RAAGG / CBU Split 7" together. I will mail out the whole thing to Sicknoise Productions immediatly, and maybe we see that 7" in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space for the latest news on it. I will put up a Real Audio file in the next days.


  • As some people are still looking for CBU stuff we opened a new section on our website called Distros. This should be the place where you can find your local distributor, label or any other person which has CBU related stuff. Certainly this will never be complete without your help. So if you have any CBU stuff to sell, please send me a mail with your adress. Iīve allready searched the www for some adresses. I hope that helps to get our stuff better around the world :-)
  • The CLUSTER BOMB UNIT European Blast 2001 Dates are coming in slowly. So please keep an eye in the Gig Section if you want to catch us live on stage.


  • And again thereīs a little line-up change: Julia is moving to Hamburg and has allready left the Band. And (drumroll) Sven is coming back. I hope this will be somehow a permanent line-up now for the next 1 - 2 days ;-) We had more line-up changes in the last 12 months, then in the last 12 years!


  • There will be a limited Punkboxset coming out on May 1st on Meathead Records . This one features 10 CDīs filled up with about 300 Bands - including us :-) The whole thing is limited on 1000 copies, and comes in a very cool Metal Box filled up with goodies. Check on their Website for further details and how to get hold of a copy.


  • We are plannning to Tour Italy, Slovenia and Kroatia in June 2001. If anybody can help us out with shows and places to stay, please get in touch with Kelly. The dates would be from June 8th (first show in north of Italy) to June 16th (last show). Kellys email adress is kellymotxo@hotmail.com, but since he doesnīt have a permanent access to a PC, itīs maybe better to tell me all urgent stuff.


  • Some of you might have noticed that we changed our URL again (I promise this will be the last time!). So change your bookmarks to: http://www.clusterbombunit.com
  • That Battle on Punknet.com didnīt work out, as thereīve been some cheaters, so they stopped the whole thing. Well at least we would have made it to Round 3 :-) Thanks to everyone who placed a vote.


  • The vocal tracks are nearly done now, and I hope weīll get everything mixed until March. The Split 7" will be with Japanese Band RAAGG. John of Sicknoise Productions USA will take care about this one.
  • Sven and Theo have left CBU. Sven allready told us that he wants to leave by the end of last year, and Julia is doing now the full job on vocals. Theo left the Band after our recordings in January, because he wants to do his own Hardcore Band (Donīt know the name yet). There is no second guitarist planned anymore. That makes touring much easier again, and we hope to do some shows later this year in UK, Italy, Czech or whatever comes in.


  • Okay folks, we need again your help with the World War Punk thing. You do know who has to be the LAST BAND STANDING, donīt you ;-) So please place your vote here


  • Iīve added more stuff at the Releases page. There are also now the Tapes on the site which features CBU. We sent out many songs to many Tape Compilations, but I only got a handfull back, so if there are anymore Tapecomps or whatever floating around, please let me know.
  • There is also now a CBU Discography CDr released called "You canīt kill a Master at night". That features all our stuff up to the "Greetings from U.S.A." 7". This was supposed to be sold only in South East Asia, but made somehow the way to other countries too. We even havenīt got a copy yet.


  • Iīve redone the Releases page. The Real Audio files wonīt work yet, but I think I can fix that in the next 2 - 3 days.
  • Iīve also added some reviews to some of our releases, and I thought, that it would be cool to have some of you guys telling us, what you think about our releases. So if you find time, please sit down and write a review about any of our releases. You can send anything to me! And I will post every contribution here (no matter if itīs a good review or a total rip apart one).


  • Some of you might have noticed, that we changed the logo on the front side. This was drawn by Se@n Hogan, who we THANK so much for all his help and support! Expect more of his fine artwork on upcoming CBU Releases. This skull is a tribute to another Band :-) But I wonīt tell you (those oldschoolies will know it anyway, he, he)!


  • We joined the World War 1 Battle on Punknet.com, so if youīd like to support us by voting please go there.


  • We spent the last few days in our Studio to record new songs for an upcoming 7", a Split 7" and a SUBHUMANS Comp. The music tracks are done now, and weīre waiting to do the guitar overdubs and vocal tracks in the next few weeks. Watch this space for more details as they come in.
  • For the people who are interested in that Subhumans Comp. please click here


  • All the stuff we have on the Fortunecity Server doesnīt work properly, as it seems they donīt want anymore MP3 and Real Audio/Video stuff there. Gotta move all that shit somewhere else. Please be patient!


  • The new place for the official CBU Website is http://members.aol.com/clusterbombunit So please change your bookmarks! Maybe one day we will get our own Domain Name :-) A BIG THANKS is going out to Peter our webmaster for the last couple of years! He did a perfect job!
  • Due to the change of the CBU Website places, some links may be dead. We try to fix that as soon as possible, but donīt hold your breath for that. Any urgent problems can be mailed now directly to myself (Oliver)

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