South East Asia Tour

  • 10.07.2002
    We had to screw the idea for coming in September this year, as Kelly will be in USA on Tour and in Studio with his other Band SEVERED HEAD OF STATE! Also the tickets are VERY expensive, so we need more time to save money. We have to get 4000 US$ ONLY for tickets! Keep checking back for any updates! Next plan is for early 2003 - Watch this space!
  • 02.04.2002
    Not much happened lately, as Iīm still waiting for different prices. We plan now to come from September 6th to 22nd 2002 - keep watching the CBU news.
  • 26.10.2001
    Thanks for all the infos we got the last month. At the moment, I think our tour will happen around August / September 2002. I still donīt know how we get the money for the tickets together. Some people will help us with releasing tapes, so at least our music will be spread around the countries :-)
    Also all the questions you can read downwards are answered now.
  • 26.09.2001
    This is the place for all the informations about our plans to Tour South East Asia. At the moment we donīt have any schedules yet, as we just started to talk about this whole thing. There are still lots of questions we have to figure out before we can make exact plans. We allready contacted a bunch of people and some allready told us that they will help. So below you find a list of the people we are in contact with. We want that everyone is working together, that this Tour will be as cool as possible!
    Our plan is to play shows in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. We donīt know yet, if we can make it to all of those countrys, but we are working on it.
    Basically itīs all a money problem for us. Some of the CBU members donīt have a regular job, and itīs very hard to come up with all the money we need for flight tickets. If we fly to Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia with a stopover in Bangkok/Thailand the ticket will be around 700.-$. And if we want to take more flights to Singapore or Indonesia it will cost us each flight around 200.-$ extra.
    So we try to figure out if thereīs a possibility to fly to Malaysia and go to Singapore and Indonesia by car or van. We will be 4 people (only Band members), so a car should do it! We will bring our own guitars, but we need the rest of the equipment on each show. Also we need places to stay for free between shows.

    Okay, so here are a few basic questions we have:
    • Is it possible to drive by car on this Tour? (from Malaysia to Singapore to Indonesia)
    • Who would be able to drive us, and how much would it cost us?
    • Are there any bad times for Bands going on Tour? Which is the best time to come?
    • How much is the average money we can get on a show? (I hate talking about money, but I hope you see, that we need at least a few $ back)
    • If possible we would like to have one person in each country who organise everything - if thereīs someone who can organise the whole Tour, it would be even more perfect!

    We made a CDr with a bunch of our recordings, and sent them out to our friends in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines. This CDr is ment to be for free to everyone who wants to help. If you have a copy, feel free to spread this around!

    So if anyone wants to help, please contact us, or the people on this following list!

    Name: Country: email:
    Shammir Malaysia donotconsume@usa.net
    Uwis Firmanda Malaysia youthcrime@yahoo.com
    Pät Malaysia dis_armament@hotmail.com
    Yeap Malaysia mass_separation@hotmail.com
    Noel Francia Philippines francian@philonline.com
    Kid Malaysia conspirates@yahoo.com
    Dinslife Singapore dinslife@yahoo.com
    Shaiful Singapore trashkore@yahoo.com
    Ari Indonesia terminal-thrash-kill@kompascyber.com
    Hari Indonesia ari_stress@yahoo.com
    Along Malaysia hellkuro@yahoo.com
    Wendi Bittersounds Indonesia bittersounds@hotmail.com
    Chris Lupi Thailand wreckageasia@hotmail.com