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  • oh well ... you know we are still around ... just don't make every update here. The most of you will follow us on our Facebook Page anyway. There you will find all the latest News. And for those who are not on FB: we still haven't released the new Songs, but we allready recorded more new Songs. A part of that stuff will be released later this year by POWER IT UP. And we will have a Recordrelease Party on the WHAT THE HELL DIED IN HERE Festival 2013! So, you better be there ...

    Until the next Update here in 1 - 2 years!


  • Quick check out of the Studio ... we nailed down 6 brandnew songs + 1 Confuse Cover. Hope to get that released later this year!


  • Our thoughts go out to the family of our dear longtime friend Phil Vane (EXTREME NOISE TERROR)! He died at the age of 43 on February 17th ... A SAD DAY FOR PUNK!


    Extreme Noise Terror where one of the main reasons why we got to the point where we are now. They were the first Band who let us support them on their Tours in 1990 and 1991! We've been always close friends and share loads of good memories about a time which won't come back! This is just terrible and leaves us speechless! Hope you are having a doss wherever you are now!!!


  • Happy New Year folks! I know, nothing really happens here. It seems that most people spend their times on Facebook or MySpace (which seems to be dead nowadays anyway!). But I just wanted to let you know: We are STILL here ... after more than 20 years, we still do some Shows and still think about recording new songs!


  • Finally, after a three months delay, the DVD of the Documentary feature about our Tour in South East Asia and the Indonesian Punk Scene is released!
    You can purchase the DVD directly at the PLASTIC BOMB Online Shop ...
    or at the NUCLEAR BLAST Online Shop ... It features the complete Movie along with 30 minutes of CBU Raw Punk D-Beat Massacre in front of a 4000 people stunning crowd in the middle of Jakarta/Indonesia ... see the first couple of Songs on You Tube.
    And as another Bonus you'll get a CD with 13 ripping Tracks and on top of that the other side of the CD is made of vinyl with another 2 CBU Tracks. You think that should be enough? NO! We also added a patch for your studded Jackets!
    You better buy it NOW!!!

    Bonus CD (the tracklist on the DVD Cover inlay is WRONG!!!)

    01. CLUSTER BOMB UNIT - Manipuliert
    02. STANDFAST - Selfrightous Bastard
    03. ANTACID - Deathstorm Aggressor
    04. APPARATUS - Under Surveillience ov Ratts
    05. BUNGA HITAM - Negarku Penjaraku
    06. MORTAL COMBAT - Everydays Crime
    07. SABOTAGE - Banned from the Past
    08. STATE OF DECAY - New Military Crisis
    09. STRAIGHT ANSWER - The world that I can't have
    10.TARING BABI - Maling Maling
    11. THE DIRTY DOGS - Kontrol
    12. COARSE - Coarse
    13. CLUSTER BOMB UNIT - Genug ist Genug

    Vinyl Tracklist

    02. CLUSTER BOMB UNIT - Soldaten

    here's a picture of the whole package!

    And our German friends can get the whole thing for a cheap ass price on our Releaseparty in Esslingen!

    BE PART Records D.I.Y. Booking Agency | Label | Distribution presents:

    22.03.2008 Komma, Esslingen

    KONTATTO (it)
    GRIM (d)
    TRASHEDY (d)


  • HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! In the next days we can hopefully announce the DVD Release of the Punk im Dschungel documentary. Stay tuned!
  • The movie is also nominated for the Adolf Grimme Preis in Germany! Congratulations to our friend and director Andreas Geiger! You owe us a beer!


  • Since it's quiet these days around the Band, I just wanted to inform our German folks, that the Documentary about South East Asian Punks and our Tour will be on German National TV soon. It will also be played in certain Movie Theatres, and there will be a DVD Release too.

    13.08.2007 ZDF "Punk im Dschungel" 0.00 Uhr
    21.09.2007 Cinema Preview Kommunales Kino Stuttgart


  • We're back in one piece! It was amazing, and even better then last year. We had about 3000 Punks on our Show in Jakarta! Thanks to everyone who was involved in this tour. Mainly our Tourguides Ari and Ika, Along our man in K-Hell, our brother Darwin on the Philippines and Fahmy, the godfather of Singapore ;-) Certainly we also miss all the other guys and girls which we met during the last three weeks. It was a pleasure and we hope to be back soon!


  • Allright then folks! We are ready to rock down South East Asia for the second time. We expect to see EVERYONE of our brothers and sisters again, and don't forget to bring your friends as well! Let's have a good time alltogether!!! I'll try to stay in touch through our My Space site. So leave us your comments!


  • So, the plans are set for the Tour. A lot of people keep asking me, if we could play their town.
    Unfortunatly our schedule is very limited, and even we'll attending for about 3 weeks, we can't play
    a show every day.

    Please spread the word to EVERYONE you know, and maybe you even want to copy this News and re-post it
    in a bulletin or blog or whatever. We just want to make sure, that everyone in South East Asia will be
    informed, that we are coming.

    Here are the names and contacts from our friends who will help us setting up shows:

    Singapore: Jaz My Space, email
    Malaysia: Appäratus My Space
    Philippines: Koh Darwin My Space, email
    Indonesia: Ari Budi email

    Please get in touch with those people, if you have any questions concerning the Tour!

    See you in November!

    Expect Chaos & Mayhem!!!!



  • Well, it's somehow official. The rumors are true: We are coming back to South East Asia for
    another Tour in November 2006!!! There's still some work to do, and as usual with us bunch
    of unorganised fuckers EVERYTHING might happen in between. But we have to start organising
    the Tour somehow, that's the reason to spread the news now.

    The main reason we only can go on this tour is because our friend and Movie director Andy Geiger
    will come with us again to South East Asia to finish his documentary about the Punk Scene down there.
    So we will get full payment by the German TV to make this happen. As we are all totaly broke and can't
    afford any tours otherwise, we had to take this opportunity! I hope our U.S. friends will understand,
    as I know, some people are waiting there for us too.

    Anyway, here is a small Teaser about how the movie will look like. This was recorded on our first
    appearance in South East Asia 2005 ...


    ... this will NOT be a movie about CBU, it's all about the South East Asian Punk Scene.
    We will just be a small part of it, and we're proud about that!

    It will be first shown on TV, with a later release on DVD with tons of Bonus footage! But don't nail me
    down on any release date. I wouldn't expect the movie until end of 2007 ...

    Now, there are still some problems to sort out ... first of all, another official News: our singer
    Julia is pregnant which doesn't make the whole Tour easier, as she will be in her 6th month in November.
    But she wants to do this Tour anyway. We try now to bring one of our old singers as a backup,
    or even as a full member with us. We allready did a show with two singers in the past, so it's one
    of a few possibilities we're thinking about right now.

    The other thing is, that we have to wait until mid October to get the agreement of the full payment,
    but can't wait that long to set up the Tour certainly. So, we hope, that we don't have to screw the
    whole thing in the last minute.

    The Tour is scheduled from November 8th - 28th ... around that dates, we will play in:

    Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
    Manila / Philippines
    Jakarta / Indonesia
    Yogjakarta / Indonesia
    Malang or another city on Java / Indonesia
    Bali / Indonesia

    We hopefully start rehearsing in the next few weeks, and try to bring our newest songs as a Special Tour
    Release with us.

    Expect Chaos and Mayhem!!!!


    Bomber CBU


  • I know there's not much happening here lately. But be sure, we are still here ... most things happen now on our My Space Site ... so you better get a good Emopicture and sign up!
    So in case someone didn't hear about it allready, Kelly got replaced by our new/old guitarist Roland! We will have our first show with him tonight!
    Also I've closed down the Videopages, as the quality is too bad for these days! To get better Videos, you can check out my site at You Tube! There's not much yet, but I will update it from time to time.

    And just that we see, someone is STILL watching those pages, please leave a footprint in our Guestbook!


  • Kelly is moving back to Portland! So the shows in December will be the last with him! Donīt miss īem :-)

    But maybe heīll join back on any CBU Overseas Tours in the future ... you never know ...

    IT'S OFFICIAL: THE RETURN TO DOOM TOWN. Yep, the rumors are true: I'm moving back to Portland. I'm pretty excited to be finally going home, but also more than a little sad to be leaving Europe.I'll be landing in Portland on december 8th, so anyone who wants to help ease the culture shock by accompanying me on a several day drinking binge is welcome to join in. All preemtive homesickness aside, I'm looking forward to the change of scenery and the possibilities presented by moving home after nearly a decade of absence. I'd also like to thank all of my Euro friends that made me feel at home and who put up with me for so long. You're all welcome to visit me any time at whatever homeless shelter or freeway overpass I'll be sleeping under in Portland. Good times. Expect chaos, noise, and unfounded rumors. Cheers, Kelly



  • Iīve updated the Picture Section with a big bunch of shots from the Indonesian Part of the Tour. Like I said before, I lost my Memory Stick from the first week, and ALL Pictures are gone. For pictures of the Singapore Gig please check here! Thanks to Harold for sharing it!


  • I finally was able to write a little bit of a Tourstory ... nothing too special, since I had to write everything from my memories. I hope Kelly or Julia will come up with a report too, since they allready wrote some stuff during the Tour. Anyway ... check here! The pictures will follow soon! Unfortunatly my Memory Stick got lost during the Tour, so all my Digital pictures of the first week are gone! I have to wait for all the pics from the rest of the Band. That might take a while ...


  • We made it back in one piece. I will try and write a story about the Tour in the next days. Gimme some time, as I have to catch up here with a few things.
  • BIG THANKS goes out to Fahmy & the Singapore Crew, Dickie & Babat, Along and the Drunkenmasters of the mighty Apparatus (next time we canīt accept you again without Daphne!!!), Farida (last woman standing), Paul @ Pauls Place, the KL Crustcrew who showed up at our 2nd show, the Dirty Dogs, Shammir Lifeontheedge, the mighty Jakarta Crew (Eko, Big Mouth, Ito, Andrash and the rest of the gang!) - you guys rule!!! Our main crew Ari & Aca for sticking with us and taking good care of us - you have our endless thanks!!! The Bali Gang @ Electrohell, the Malang crew, Indri & Nova, Desse and the rest of the Yogya female motorcycle gang, Goofy our man in Yogya, the Bandung crew including Security Guard, and the rest of the Bands and people we met in the last 2 weeks. It was an honour and pleasure to Tour in SE Asia. Be sure, that we will come back!!!


  • Iīve updated the Gig Section again, and try to find out all the other places weīll play in the next days.
  • Filmmaker Andreas Geiger (Fresh Art Daily) and his crew Cameraman & Director Henrik Peschel (Rollo Aller 1-2) and Patrick Veigel (Luther) will follow us on this trip for an upcoming Documentary about us and the South East Asian Punk Scene.


  • Unfortunatly we had to screw the Tourplan for the Philippines. I wished weīd have more time and money. But we will come in the future somehow. This is a promise. Same for Borneo and Thailand! Iīve updated the Gig Section with a rough Tourplan. Spread the words, and watch out for any updates coming soon!!!


  • Happy New Year to everyone! I know, not much happened at the CBU Camp the last couple of months, but I wanted to make sure, that everybody knows we are still existing.
  • Our thoughts go out to all the victims of the huge Tsunami Desaster in South East Asia.
  • As we are planning our Tour since the last couple of weeks, I can announce it now officially here, that CBU will go to South East Asia in March 2005. I donīt have any confirmed Shows yet, but youīll find them soon in our Gig Section. We will start at March 11th in Singapore, and make our way through Malaysia, Indonesia and hopefully Philippines. For this Tour we will have a slightly different Line-up, as it wasnīt possible for every current member to join us on that trip. Julia will replace Sven on vocals, and her brother Moritz (who allready joined us on every overseas Tour) will take over on bass again. Fahmy of the mighty DEMISOR will help us setting up the whole thing. So get in touch with him for any questions. Go out and tell everyone, that we are coming! I hope to meet all my good friends again.


  • Iīve just returned yesterday from Singapore! I tell you, those days in SE Asia were the best days I had for ages. The whole Tour went so great, and Iīve met most of my friends and made TONS of new friends down there. I will promise you again, that I will be back with CBU as soon as possible!!! Thanks goes out to Masaki and the rest of the POWER OF IDEA crew, BATTLE OF DISARM, VOCO PROTESTA and the rest of the Japanese Gang for taking me to this adventure! Best regards to Paul (donīt think about loosing Punkpoints hehe), my drinking partner James (Australia) - I missed you the last 2 days in Singapore, Jimbo for taking care of the whole thing, Fahmy (Demisor) my partner in Party & his wife (btw. you have to kill that woman at the DF store, as they didnīt sell the BIG JD bottles at the airport!), Jas (Minus) & Rina for taking so much care about us, Mirza & the rest of the Minus crew for the nice sightseeing trip through Singapore (and especially for the JD at Zombie!!!), Shaiful and the rest of those ultranice persons in Singapore, Ito (Asosial) my personal driver in Jakarta (cheers buddy!), all the other great guys Iīve met in Indonesia (all night long drinking squad), my Malaysian mate Shammir (Donotconsume), Along and Daphnerattus (Appäratus - I felt in love with your voice honey!!!), all the other great dudes I met at the KL show ... fuck next time I have to write me down every single name ... too many to remember, but I will ALWAYS remember the great time we had all together ... get in touch! See you all on the CBU Tour ...


  • Well, maybe a bit late, but: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  • And good News for me (Oliver): I will go to South East Asia in March! This wonīt be a CBU Tour, as Iīm the only member, who is going. I will play drums for my Japanese friends POWER OF IDEA! So I hope Iīll be able to meet all our Asian friends. The Tour will take part in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. I donīt have an exact schedule yet, but I will arrive in Tokyo on March 13th, and we fly over to Singapore on March 18th. For more detailed infos watch the Gigs, or write to Masaki.


  • Things start to move again at the CBU Camp! Kelly switched over to second guitar and Mike (former member) returned to bass. The practise was great, and in a short time we will be prepared to go back into battle again. The first show should happen soon. Check the Gigs!



  • ... as you might guessed it ... Nothing happened ... No Tours, No Shows, No Practise (well apart from one meeting with Kelly to set down some new tunes). I practised for a short time with Swiss Noisenheimers FEAR OF GOD for a reunion, but figured out very quickly, that my Speed Skill is not good enough for it! Iīm just not on this planet to play Blastbeats hehe! But I certainly wish good olīErich, Dave, Diego and whoever is doing the drumpart now all the best for the upcoming noisey future!
  • And back to the CBU business: the "Last Band Standing" EP will be released on Angry Records from Italy. Should be out soon! So keep an eye on the Releases section.
  • Our Partner in Crime: Sharapov Sound System from Russia will release a Tapeversion of the Die Stationen von Cluster Bomb Unit LP only for the Eastern Part of Europe! We will fill up the whole thing with the latest recordings plus a few live tracks.


  • HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. Bad news first: We have to cancel the Frontline Punk Fest, as Sven is busy with his exams at school. So the curse continues and we canīt play AGAIN our first show in Belgium. Fuck that, but weīre working on it! The good news: there will be coming a new CBU 7" in the next weeks in Italy. It features the 2nd part of the recordings we did with Julia on vocals last year. Watch this space for more infos!
  • For our friends in South East Asia: weīre still working on that Tour! I hope we can make it by September 2003!
  • As we still donīt have a permanent practise room, we havenīt done much in the last weeks. But we will start writing new songs in the next days, and I hope we can enter the studio again in February/March.
  • We will also record "Rotten to the Core" for a RUDIMENTARY PENI Tribute Comp in the next weeks. For more infos ask Matt.


  • Well, sort of boring year for us. Nothing special to tell ya, apart from the fact, that we donīt have a practise room anymore! Our friend Thilo mixed the rest of the songs from the last studio session, and I have to check if we use the songs for comps (I know I still owe some people stuff for their comps), or if we just make another EP.


  • Not much happened the last months, apart from a couple of shows. We had to move the South East Asia Tour to next year, due to lack of money and time!
  • I was at the BANG YOUR HEAD Festival this year (Headlining SLAYER and SAXON), and you can check out my Photo impressions here.


  • Totaly redone the Pictures Page too. Now you can browse with lightspeed ;-) Check it out!
  • And I figured out, that we still need a bunch of reviews for our past releases. So whoever finds a review in any zine which is not on this website will get a free CBU goody.


  • Totaly redone the Releases Page. Take a look, and I hope you will like it!?


  • The split 7" with RAAGG is OUT NOW!
  • It looks like we are coming back to England together with Portlands Noise Heroes ATROCIOUS MADNESS in June! Watch the Gig space in the near future for more infos.
  • Also we will come back to Slowenia / Croatia in May.
  • And we didnīt forget our friends in South East Asia! I still work on that for September 2002! Hopefully we have some good news in the next weeks.


  • Now finally we have a Test press of the CBU / RAAGG Split 7". It should be released by now, so please go to the Distro section to check out how to get one.


  • The CBU / RAAGG Split 7" is finally in the works. The whole thing will be brought to you now by RESCUED FROM LIFE Records. Check back here for an exact release date.


  • First of all a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you folks! I hope you started well. We somehow survived our little Pre-X-Mas French Tour (cheers to Yohann URBAN STRUGGLE). But since we made some really bad experiences during these days, we have to come up with 3 TOP RULES:

    1. Never set up a show outside if the temperature is below Zero!!!
    2. Do have a place to sleep (and we donīt mean a space on the wooden floor in the Party room) for all members!
    3. We donīt want to play after 4.30 am if the show started the day before!!!

    Sounds funny? Yeah, I guess so :-)

  • The South East Asia Tour page will be updated soon. We have to wait until end of February for ticket prices. Itīs going to be expensive, so we still donīt know if we will be able to do all countries we want to. But at the moment we plan to come in September 2002.

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