The Bandmembers  ;-)
Werner and Oliver started their first Band FURIOUS RANKNESS back in 1987. After F.R. brake up, they soon started together with their friend Mike DECONTROL in 1989. For a short period they had a singer, but he left soon after their first gig (w/ SATANIC MALFUNCTION + SM 70) early 1990. They decided to continue with the same songs, but a different name:


The line up was: Werner (guitar), Mike (bass) and Oliver (drums / vocals) Later in 1990 they went on a first Tour with EXTREME NOISE TERROR. They played some shows in England, Germany and Switzerland. Right after this Tour they recorded two songs which were ment to be on a Swiss Compilation, but never got released. One of it is now on "The worst of the 1 in 12 Club"Compilation Vol. 12 / 13. In summer 1991 they went again with E.N.T. on Tour through Spain. As Mike wasn´t able to come with them, they had to do it as a two piece Band.

When Oliver met Kelly on the RESIST European Tour 1992, it was the first step for CBU to oversea countries. Both decided to do a Split Flexi together on Kelly´s label CONSENSUS REALITY. CBU recorded a few songs for it later in ´92, but the whole thing delayed ´til End of 1993. As it was limited on 1.000 copies it was sold out after a few weeks.

In 1993 they played a couple of shows with Bands like DISRUPT, SLAPSHOT, LEVIATHAN .... and prepared new songs for new recordings. In January 1994 they recorded their new songs for a 7" on THOUGHT CRIME, which got released later that year. It followed a small Tour with their mates PINK FLAMIGOS and M.V.D. through Switzerland. In summer 1994 their friend Roland joined on second guitar, and for a short period Thomas followed on vocals. They recorded a song for "I slaughter singing madly anthems" compilation 7" with that line-up. After Thomas left the Band, they recorded another couple of songs for a Split 7" with DISCLOSE on the Japanese label MCR with Oliver back on vocals.

Finaly in January 1995 they got Marc on vocals. It followed more recordings for another Japanese release:"Opfer" 7" on D.I.Y. Records. During the year, they played a couple of shows and small Tours with DEFIANCE, MASSKONTROLL, VARUKERS, PINK FLAMINGOS, M.V.D., ACTIVE MINDS etc. In Summer 1995 Oliver went to Japan. There he had the chance to play some CBU songs together with his friends Masaki (bass) and Hiroshi (guitar) from POWER OF IDEA. They played a show with BATTLE OFDISARM in Tokyo. At the end of 1995 CBU entered again the studio to record their 10" "Fotografieren Verboten" for THOUGHT CRIME. On the DEFIANCE Tour, they met Bryan of WIGGY Records, and he was into doing an U.S. Tour for CBU. So they did sit together and worked out a plan. The first idea was also to tour Japan,but due to financial problems, they had to cancel Japan, and concentrate on America. During all those works in 1996 they recorded another 7" called "Realität" for WIGGY Records to support their U.S. Tour.

In August 1996 they were ready to rock the U.S.A. down. They played a massive Tour all over the country in cities like Boston, New York, Indianapolis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles,Phoenix, Austin etc. And together with Bands like AUS-ROTTEN, D ISTRAUGHT, CODE 13, ASSRASH, DROP DEAD, LOS CRUDOS, HELLNATION, SUFFER, DISASSOCIATE, ATOMKINDER, SHORT HATE TEMPER, DETESTATION and tons more. On the U.S. Tour they had to play with a different Bassplayer, because Mike wasn´t able to go with them. So they took their friend Moritz with them. Moritz usualy plays in a Band called MIDGET, which have two 7"es released by now. He allready played bass for CBU on some gigs whenever Mike had no time. After the U.S. Tour, CBU recorded new songs together with Moritz for a Tour 7". The other side includes some live tracks from their show in Chicago. The 7" was released in March 1997 on their own label CHEEZY CRUST.

After a big pause from the U.S. Tour, they started again writing new songs. They recorded 5 brandnewsongs in September ´97 for HAVOC Records (U.S.A.). After the recordings, Marc and Roland left the Band. They´ve been replaced by Moritz, who joined on guitar this time and a new singer called Sven who used to sing for DIE HARDCORE TUNTEN. Early 1998 Moritz left again CBU, because he wanted to concentrate on his own Band MIDGET. So he got replaced by Theo who also played at DIE HARDCORE TUNTEN. It followed small Tours and shows with FINAL CONFLICT, VARUKERS, OIPOLLOI, WOLFPACK etc.

In 1999 they played some Shows with CODE 13, and their long awaited 7" with the recordings from 1997 was finally released in July on HAVOC Records (U.S.A.) - with the title "... and the dirty little weapons" In September 1999 they went back for a few shows on the East Coast of USA, but only as a 3 piece Band.

In March 2000 they finaly toured Japan. Therefore they released their Tour 7" on Japanese Label TRIBAL WAR ASIA. It´s called "Distortorama", and features 5 brandnew Tracks. In Japan they played 6 Shows in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Niigata and Oyama together with Bands like POWER OF IDEA, GLOOM, DISCLOSE, BATTLE OF DISARM, AGE, SCREEN OUT, ARGUE DAMNATION, OUT OF TOUCH, DECLAIM, MAMUSHI, UNKIND etc. For this Tour Moritz came back to join on bass, as Mike was busy with his job. Also they recorded an LP for TRIBAL WAR ASIA at Rock Door Studio, Tokyo.

After the Japan Tour they welcomed a new member in the CBU family: it´s Moritz´sister Julia, and she was added on second vocals. In August 2000 Kelly (RESIST, DEFIANCE, DETESTATION, MASSKONTROL, WAR MACHINE, etc.) moved from U.S.A. to Germany, and took over on bass, as Mike has left the Band due to timeproblems. Early 2001 the CBU LP - Die Stationen von CBU was released on Tribal War Asia. It contains 20 Songs including some of their Japanese friends on several Songs on vocals.

Check on the NEWS for what happened in the last years ... a lot ... I can tell you!

... to be continued ....