V/A "More World Less Banks" 7"

Review in Hardrock Info:

If you want your Punk aggressive and fast - Check this out! 
If you like: Crossing Chaos, Cluster Bomb Unit, Uncle Charles, Murder Disco X, 
Human Waste, Coma, Lim and/or Skitsystem - Check this out! A really great compilation! 
Nice that people are still printing vinyls. My favorites on this compilation are 
Cluster Bomb Unit, Uncle Charles, Human Waste and Skitsystem, but the rest of the 
bands are o.k. too. All bands are into HC/Punk and Crust Core, so this is really 
hard stuff. So if thats what youre looking for, get this before its too late! 

Review in Aversion:

Here's a hardcore/punk compilation of mostly Swedish bands that has a politically 
charged heading and offers up eight tracks of fairly consistent material as far as 
quality goes. Crossing Chaos (Sweden) kicks out some great hardcore/punk with a nice 
sense of melody, it's not upbeat or anything, but it's definitely memorable and 
borderline catchy - even with the burly vocal screams. There's a ton of energy and I 
like the solos and lead lines. In some areas this definitely reminds me of some older 
UK acts. Cluster Bomb Unit (Germany) drops an extremely brief track of heavy and in your
face hardcore with lots of feedback and intense female vocals. There are only three 
quick lines of lyrics, but they still leave their mark. Uncle Charles (Sweden) is 
musically heavy as fuck, sounding incredibly similar to "Those Who Fear Tomorrow" 
era Integrity, but with absolutely scathing high-pitched vocal screams, and some 
slightly speedier hardcore/crust influences as well as some deeper vocal shouts at 
times. Excellent. Murder Disco X (Germany) plays fast, no frills hardcore with a good 
mix of tempos and straight yelling vocals, and as a simple title like "Pro Life Nazi 
Scum" might suggest, they're taking a lot of influences from the classics here. Human 
Waste unloads another of their raw tracks of Swedish hardcore/punk with a really dry, 
gritty tone and forceful vocals, not to mention a subtle dissonance that definitely 
adds to the song. Coma (Sweden) has the most rugged recording, so it's pretty hard 
to make out their song, but their style isn't so unlike that of Human Waste, but 
with a slightly more brooding approach that is highly distorted on all fronts. 
Lim (I'm guessing from Sweden), also suffers from a raw sound that's a bit bottom-heavy 
and lets the vocals dominate. In fact, I barely hear the guitars at all but judging 
from the tempo and the general vibe they too sound not unlike Human Waste or Coma. 
The mighty Skitsystem closes out with an unreleased track from their last LP, but I 
must say, this song fucking rages, and it's better than a lot of the tracks from 
said release. Crushing metallic Swedish crust with Tomas Lindberg's token vocals 
great work! The layout is nice as well. The outer sleeve is full color and displays 
come collaged images dealing with money, power, and poverty; and inside everything is 
high contrast black and white, devoting a quarter-page to each band for artwork/lyrics, 
etc. Most of the bands omit lyrics so I'm not sure what all of the tracks deal with, 
but those who do include the lyrics attack fascism, consumerism, etc. It's nothing new, 
but at least there's a message. This is a killer 7", though. And I'm very pleased that 
two of my favorite bands on the compilation are bands that I had never even heard of 
before, so that's always a plus! Running time - 15:00 (approximately), Tracks: 8 
[Notable bands: Crossing Chaos, Uncle Charles, Skitsystem] Blindead Productions - 
Attack Fanzine