CLUSTER BOMB UNIT - Last Band Standing EP

Review in MRR

having gone through a few member and style changes since i first became familiar with them on their killer 1995 10", here we find the new and improved version of these german ragers. now featuring a female vocalist ( whose vocals remind me a great deal of HEALTH HAZARD) and the trademark manic bass work of punk rock super bassist kelly ( ex-DEFIANCE, RESIST, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE); their current sound is a little more worked out and more akind to SUFFER ( or the before mentioned HEALTH HAZARD) than the straight-up DIS-clone workouts of their earlier releases. extra points for turning a song off the SIMPSONS into a charging d-beat ripper. ( angry, c/o fulvio dogliotti, c.p. 280, 15100 alessandia, ITALY, angryrec@iol.it)

Review from Profane Existence

Their first new release to grace our turntable in years, CBU is back with probably their best line-up and sound ever. Raw female vocals (like Provoked / Unhinged) and Kelly Haliburton on bass really add greatly to this already awesome German punk band. The lyrics are political (of course) and are written in both German and English. Recommended! (DS)