CLUSTER BOMB UNIT End the War Now 7"


Straight-forward thrashy political hardcore punk with a wall of
buzzsaw guitar and anguished vocals spitting forth words on
Armageddon, war, child abuse, and an interesting take on how to
deal with the mainstreaming of hardcore. Musically this brings to
mind bands like CRUCIFIX, DISCHARGE, CONLICT, etc. Overall, a
good release, and if they were to get some better production
behind them they could level buildings. (MA)

Review in PROFANE EXISTANCE zine Nr. 26/1995:

C.B.U. blast through 5 tracks of intense punk core in the
Doom/Disclose genre, with lyrics about war , killing the big
business hardcore scene, parents abuse towards their children.
One cool thing about this band is that it`s the drummer who does
all the vocals. So far all of you into the dis, but not total
clone, type of  h.c., this piece of vinyl is definately for you !